with Subtle Kraft

Subtle Kraft Co. is an integrated contemporary dance company where movement is an expression of enjoyment, communication and humanity. Founded by Kimberley Harvey and Anna Bergström

  • Moments: Revisited is a development of (the Research & Development period) of ‘Moments’ 2013/14. In a sense it is also a recreation as it is now a trio and we have a new dancer with us, which brings new energy and experiences. Within ‘Moments: Revisited’ (and the original ‘Moments’) it is/was essential that the individuality of each of the dancers is acknowledged, so as they all feel a sense of belonging to the work that they are part of.
    With the support of Arts Council England and Metal Peterborough Moments: Revisited was developed into a work for non-traditional performance spaces, and its 2016 tour included gallery and library spaces.

2014/15 Moments:Revisited was performed at Invisible Difference, Cloud Dance Friends, and the Victoria and Albert Museum


Image: David Quentin

  • Moments was the result of R&D by Subtle Kraft Co for their second live work . Choreographed by Kimberley Harvey with dancers, Marcella Stéen, Jenny Reeves and Kitty Fedorec. The piece expresses different types of ‘moments’ that we experience in our lives and what they mean to us, as individuals and fundamentally, as people. They might be moments that we remember, but it also might be the acknowledgement of this moment right now, the ‘present’.

See http://www.subtlekraftco.tumblr.com for more of Subtle Kraft’s work