Some Day Dominion

Some Day Dominion is a making of a mix tape.

It is the illusion of borders.

It is a game of Risk played on a shifting map.




Some Day Dominion is the same song being played again and again at different points in time and place.  It is an acknowledgement of vulnerability. It is becoming an apex predator.

Inspired by current global politics, historical echoes, Kitty’s grandparents’ experience as refugees, subculture as refuge and the music of The Sisters of Mercy. Some Day Dominion is a striking, relevant piece utilising movement, magic, storytelling, and live music to create a protective pocket goth world, that sits between live art, dance, ritual and gig.



Performed as at the Rebel Man Standard Festival, Fiver Fridays at Chisenhale Dance Space, FUTURERITUAL at the Arnolfini Bristol, Camden People’s Theatre, and The Space in Between at the Royal Festival Hall.

Developed with thanks to Metal Culture and Seedbed

Photos with thanks to Manu Valcarce Photography