Doggerland is work about loss, control, and coastal erosion as explored through ritual acts and falling sand.

Doggerland attempts to look at the need of humans to control their environments, internal and external, and how that becomes expressed through a spectrum of behaviours. It ties the socially acceptable religious and superstitious to the unacceptable behaviours that spring from mental illness. It is inspired by my personal experiences with mental illness and different approaches to recovery- as well as interactions with the East Anglian coast and sites of historical ritual. It aims to prompt questions about letting go and our struggle not to be washed away.

Doggerland must be performed to save us from the coming flood

Performed at Cerebellum- The Macbeth Hoxton, Visionhale- Chisenhale Dance Space, Buzzcut- Glasgow, Trip the Light- TripSpace

Photos with thanks to Julia Bauer