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I am a performer and creator, with a strong interest in the relationship between dance, place and the mind. My work is informed by my experiences with queerness, mental illness and neuro-a-typicality. My solo work has been shown at Buzzcut Festival, Rebel Man Standard Festival, The Friday League, Chisenhale Dance Space, Trip The Light, Cerebellum, Autism and the Arts: Ohio State University.

I studied at Laban, left due to illness, then went on to co-found the DRA dance collective, and in this capacity made work and performed at Proud Galleries, Latitude and Glastonbury festivals, and the Alternative Miss World, performing with musician, Bishi.  Currently I dance with Subtle Kraft and collaborate on a number of projects with other creators, including work with performance maker Luke Pell, with artist Mary Hurrell and with photographer David Quentin.

I am a Candoco artist, facilitating and making work with their youth dance company. I am also supported by Chisenhale Dance Space’s Allotment scheme, through which I founded Technique Exchange; a programme of open classes for performers, run on a co-operative basis.

Email: kfedorec@gmail.com

Twitter: @TechniqueEx

Instagram: @queer.as.smoke